The Story of Juicys



For the past 20 years, Juicys™ has been one of the largest and most popular food concession providers in California*. Originally founded as; Brett’s Blue Ribbon Foods, Juicys™ and the Juicys™ management team have enjoyed serving customers around the United States for the past 35 years.

Juicys™ venues include; The Orange County Fair, San Diego County Fair, Los Angeles County Fair, California State Fair, Alameda County Fair, Washington State Fair, Texas State Fair, Florida State Fair, as well as events for Formula One and NASCAR.

Starting as a one person corn dog stand in 1984, Juicys™ has grown to be the leader in outdoor dining and special event food concessions, not only in the industry but also in Southern California. Today, Juicys™ food and beverage annually serves over one million customers in just Southern California.

Brett’s commitment to hard work in providing outstanding customer service was profiled in Amusement Business Magazine as an enduring effective formula, and awarded Juicys™, “The youngest independent concessionaire in the Western United States”. Since then, Juicys™ marketplace presence continues to grow while they increase the size of the Juicys™ fleet and operation. Brett continues to plan and attend more events throughout the coming years eyeing the Houston Rodeo and other large venues.

Juicys™ has become a household name at these events and is now taking fair food to the next level with the very first Juicys™ Drive-Thru.

Since the inception of the drive-thru in the 1960s, it has been a growing channel of fast food industry sales. But in 2020 as the global pandemic has hit, the drive-thru became a mission critical sales channel for preserving store revenue.

Now that to-go orders are in higher demand than ever before, this is the perfect opportunity for Juicys to expand its footprint to the drive-thru only restaurant.

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